These 3 Programming Language Change Your Life In 2020. In this post we’re gonna talk about the top three programming languages to learn in 2020 whether you’re an absolute beginner wanting to learn programming for the first time or you’re an experienced developer looking for new job opportunities.

This post is for you I’ve picked these languages based on Google Trends and the results of various surveys and studies these are the most versatile programming languages that offer you.

The best job opportunities of course merely knowing a programming language does not land you a job you need to know a lot of other stuff too but we’ll talk about that in another post.

These 3 Programming Language Change Your Life In 2020

let’s jump right in and talk about the top three programming languages to learn in 2020.


Python is one of the most liked programming languages of all time according to the average salary of a Python developer in the US is about 120 thousand dollars a year.

And here is the result of stack overflows developer survey in 2019 as you can see Python ranks as the most wanted programming language of the year here are a few reasons.

Why Python Is The Most Popular Programming Language In The World?

Python is very beginner friendly and is particularly easy to learn for people who don’t want to become professional software engineers a lot of accountants engineers and scientists use Python in their day to day work.

Python is extremely popular for machine learning AI projects and research anyone who wants to get into machine learning they should definitely learn Python.

Professional software engineers also use Python to build web mobile and desktop applications but quite frankly Python is not very reputable when it comes to building mobile and desktop applications.

Popular Frame Work For Python?

Popular framework for Python is Django are very popular almost back-end developers and on top of all this pythons code is very simple and free. If you want to get into machine learning and AI Python is the best language to learn right.


Now the second language on the top three programming languages list is Java why you might say seriously isn’t Java dead what about Kotlin. Kotlin is a fairly new programming language with a small community and is often used for new development there are tens of thousands of projects already built with Java and these projects are not being migrated to coddling.

Let’s do some quick research on I’m gonna search for Java developer in the US so as you can see there currently over 29,000 jobs for Java developers in the US.

Now let’s search for Kotlin developer they’re just over 1,000 jobs also according to a the average salary of a Java developer in the US is 105 thousand dollars per year here are a few reasons.

Why Java is one of the most popular programming languages?

Java is used in enterprise software applications it’s used by plenty of tech companies around the world to build large-scale applications huge companies like Uber, Airbnb Twitter and many others used.

Java in their tech stack and this means that finding a job as a Java developer is relatively easy and definitely easier than Kotlin Java is also used in developing native Android apps.

If you’re interested in becoming a mobile developer focusing on building native Android apps then learning Java is good for you, also Java has been a popular programming language for almost two decades and there’s a huge support community.

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But you start learning Java you will encounter tons of resources forums and books to help you along the way and here’s my personal opinion about Java even if you don’t want to become a Java developer simply knowing.

Java and understanding its syntax would be very beneficial because there are tons of great books on courses on software engineering that are based on Java most books about data structures algorithms design patterns automatic testing and software architecture are based on Java that is why in my opinion. knowing.

Why You Need To Learn Java?

Java is like knowing English if you understand English and can speak it a bit you can travel around the world Java in the programming world is like the English language of our world Java is the best language to learn.

Java Script

Next top programming language to learn in 2020 is JavaScript for the seventh year in a row java script has ranked as the most popular programming language in a survey conducted by Stack Overflow
according to the average salary of a JavaScript developer in the US is 114 thousand dollars per year just like Python and Java.

Java script is also a versatile language which means we can use it to build various types of web mobile and desktop applications but JavaScript really shines in web and mobile application development using java script and react native you can build cross-platform mobile apps.

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So instead of building a separate app for iOS or Android and maintaining two different code bases you write your application once in JavaScript and build it for different platforms you have a single code to maintain that lot of companies these days prefer to build apps this way because of the reduced cost of course.

JavaScript and react native developer compared with Swift developer JavaScript also has a huge community and whenever you get stuck there plenty of people out there who could help you and here’s the bottom line.

If you want to become a web developer or if you want to build cross-platform mobile apps you should learn JavaScript


So let’s quickly recap the top three programming languages to learn in 2020 are Python Java and JavaScript Python is best suited for machine learning and AI Java is best suited for building enterprise applications and java script is the language of choice for building web or cross-platform mobile apps.