How To Make A Video Call In Slack. Slack introduced voice calls in March with the promise that video calling would come soon.

Now, nine months later, the company is finally developing a video calling feature that will allow up to 15 people to interact with companies simultaneously on Slack’s compensation plans. Free users will only be able to make direct calls.

To access video calling, users simply need to click on the phone icon – like they make a voice call – and then click the camera button to turn on the video.

Video calls also allow participants to respond with emojis, like thumbs up to show that they agree with what is being said. These emojis will temporarily float and play sounds on a user’s video. How do I start a call in slack?

How To Make A Video Call In Slack

First, open a direct message with the person you want to video chat with. To make a call, click on the “Call” icon (which looks like a telephone handset) in the line next to their name.

Slack will begin ringing the other party to request a video chat. A window asking for microphone or video camera access may appear. Click “OK” for both.

How do I start a call in slack?

Once the other party has accepted the call and activated their microphone and video feed, you will see them in the screen window.

If you move away from the Slack window to use another app (on a Mac or PC), the video chat will run out in a small floating window overlay that you can re-position with your cursor.

If you hover your cursor over the video window, various circular control buttons will appear.

In the upper left of the window, you’ll find the Settings and Invitation buttons. Near the bottom of the screen, you’ll see these buttons from left to right: microphone on / off, video on / off, video screen, share screen, send a response, and pause. How do I start a video call?

How do I test a slack call?

From a channel or direct message (DM), in the message field, type the / call –est slash command, then send a message.

Don’t worry; no message will be posted on the channel or DM. The test will run automatically in a new window, and you can scroll down the page to see any errors.

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