According to Stack overflow, Python is the most preferred language which means that the majority of developers use python. Python GUI Project Ideas for Beginners. The world of programming seems endless in every direction. If you are not mastering PHP, then you are looking for python. If it’s not a language, it’s a framework.

You have to start somewhere. Yet when there is so much to learn, where should you start? When you hear that programmers emphasize the need to find creative projects, you’ll need something small to build confidence.

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Here are the best programming applications you can create in a few hours, start to finish.

Python Project Ideas For Beginners

You need to build your software to run on a platform so that people who lack certain technical knowledge can use your software. The web, desktop, and command-line are the three major platforms you’ll want to build your projects for.

Web Project Ideas

Here are The List of web project ideas in python.

1. Sending Emails with Python

Project idea – Automate the process of sending emails with some customized features based on business requirements. You can have a list of email addresses and their respective names. Then you can modify the message and send emails to the target audience automatically.

2. Online Presentation:

Sometimes, it can be difficult for a person to prepare a presentation for its team. With the help of the Cloud presentation app, the traditional method of creating and preparing presentation will be eliminated. All the team members can collaborate and give their ideas to make presentation online.


Chat bots are replacing chat support to a great extent. If you can build chat bots and sell chat bots hosting services to clients who need a bot for their customer’s regular questions then it can be a good idea. You can build a Chat bot with rich machine learning code using Tensorflow framework.

4. Health Care:

Every person needs a doctor for their health checkup. In their busy lives, they often forget to make an appointment with the doctor and miss their regular health checkup. This app will help these people to make appointments for themselves even they are in rush. They can easily fill in details and choose an appointment near their locations.

5. Online Video Chat Project

Online Video Chat project is a desktop application which is developed in Python platform. This Python project with tutorial and guide for developing a code. Online Video Chat is a open source you can Download zip and edit as per you need.

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6. Regex Query Tool

You and I deal with text daily. This article, which is also text, has a structure. This makes it easier for you to understand. Sometimes, you need to find certain information in text, and using the regular search tool in text editors can be ineffective.

7. URL Shortener

URLs can be extremely long and not user-friendly. When people share links or even try to remember a URL, it’s difficult because most URLs are filled with more difficult characters and don’t form meaningful words.


A platform like Quora which is specifically built for business issues can be considered as one of the simple web app ideas. Be it accounting, finance, HR, team management or anything else, people can share their issues and get it resolved by other professionals.

9. Delivering Gifts Without Visiting Gift Shop:

In this busy schedule, sometimes people don’t get enough time to buy a gift for their family or dear ones. This app will feature the idea of picking up a gift or else, flowers from the shop and deliver directly to the address which the user will provide during the delivery portal.

10 . Quiz Application

Knowledge is power. There are so many things in the world to learn, and quizzes help in testing the understanding of those concepts. You, as an intermediate Python developer, do not have to understand everything about the language. Taking tests is one way to find out things you don’t fully understand.

Python GUI Project Ideas

Nowadays, most of the people who want to become a Python programmer know the syntax of Python. Thanks to the plethora of tutorials available online.

Tkinter is a graphical user interface(GUI) library of Python, which you can use to create desktop apps with a user interface. The best thing is that Tkinter is pretty simple, and you can learn it fast.

1. Rock Paper Scissors Game using Tkinter

We all know the game Rock Paper Scissors, right? It is one simplistic game that we all play with our hands. What if we automate that game and make an app? It is an exciting project that you can do.

2. MP3 Player

Audio is as important as text today if not more important. Since audio files are digital files, you’ll need a tool that can play them. Without a player, you’ll never be able to listen to the contents of an audio file.

3.  Library Management System

Library Management System project is a desktop application which is developed in Python platform. This Python project with tutorial and guide for developing a code. Library Management System is a open source you can Download zip and edit as per you need.

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4. Generating a sine vs cosine curve

For this project, you will have a generate a sine vs cosine curve. You will need to use the numpy library to access the sine and cosine functions. You will also need to use the matplotlib library to draw the curve.

To make this more difficult, make the graph go from -360° to 360°, with there being a 180° difference between each point on the x-axis.

5. Build Your Own Calculator

Inputs are absolutely vital to learn as a programmer. Creating a calculator allows users to perform simple tasks using simple operations like multiplication and division.

It may not be the most exciting application, but you can rest assured it’s absolutely necessary for a beginning programmer.

6. Email Slicer

Python Project Idea – The email slicer is a handy program to get the username and domain name from an email address. You can customize and send a message to the user with this information.

7. Desktop Notifier App

Python Project Idea – A desktop notifier app runs on your system and it will be used to send you notifications after every specific interval of time. You can use the libraries like notify2, requests, etc to build this app.

8. Anti-theft App:

With the help of this app, the user will be able to set an alert which would immediately inform the police about any theft activity around their location. Also, this app can include a database in which users can provide the information about criminal activity in their locations.

9. Python Calorie Counter

Project idea – The calorie counter app is a great way to keep track of all the calories you are burning every day. The user can add all the food they are eating and the app will count the calories. We can further add a function for users to add their daily workout sessions, running and jogging to calculate how much calories they have burned.

10. Build Your Own Tic Tac Toe

Whereas a successful Rock, Paper, Scissors app can be created using randomized parameters, Tic Tac Toe requires a bit of strategy. Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a little math know how, you can learn how to create an unbeatable Tic Tac Toe bot.

Python AI Project Ideas

Getting into Machine Learning and AI is not an easy task, but is a critical part of data science programs. Many aspiring professionals and enthusiasts find it hard to establish a proper path into the field, given the enormous amount of resources available today.

1. Lane Line Detection

AI Project Idea – Lane line detection technique is used in many self-driving autonomous vehicles as well as line-following robots. We can use computer vision techniques such as color thresholding to detect the lanes.

2. Sentiment Analyzer of Social Media

This is one of the interesting and innovative machine learning projects. As, social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube is the ocean of big data. Therefore, mining these data can be beneficial in a number of ways to understand user sentiments and opinions.

3. Keras,

Ahigh-level neural networks API, written in Python and capable of running on top of TensorFlow, CNTK, or Theano.

4. Spam Classifier

AI Project Idea – Every day we get dozens of email notifications and most of them are spam. Build a tool which can classify the emails as spam or non-spam based on the content of the email alone.

5. Identifying Product Bundles from Sales Data

The project entitled ‘Identifying Product Bundles from Sales Data’ is one of the interesting machine learning projects in R.

To develop this project in R, you have to employ a clustering technique that is the subjective segmentation to find out the product bundles from sales data.


A browser plugin that tracks the current activity of employees and in case any suspicious website is opened, it sends a notification to the admin. Moreover, it can also set a timer if there is a time limit for certain websites

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7. Teachers Automatic Time

This time table generation system helps to manage all the periods automatically and also will be helpful for faculties to get automatic timetable in their phone by using this application

8. TV Show Popularity Analysis Using Data Mining

Reality TV is the new mantra of television producers and channel executives. It is the means to increase TRP ratings and the end is always to outdo the other channels and the “similar -but-tweaked-here-and-there” shows churned out by the competition

9. Movie Success Prediction Using Data Mining

In this system we have developed a mathematical model for predicting the success class such as flop, hit, super hit of the movies.

10. Game of Chess

AI Project Idea – The game of chess is very popular and for a better experience of this game we must implement a good artificial intelligence system that can give competition to humans and make the game of chess a challenging task.