x86 Assembly Language Programming Masters Course. Learn Assembly From A Decade Of Experience.

What you’ll learn

  • How to use Emu8086 to create assembly programs for the 8086 processor
  • All about registers in a processor and how they can be useful for storing temporary information
  • All about segmentation in Intel processors
  • All about interrupts
  • Subroutines and return addresses
  • The stack
  • Talking with a C program using assembly
  • Talking with an assembly program using C
  • Understanding disassembly
  • Understanding how GCC compiler can create machine code that can call our assembly functions
  • How to use NASM Assembler

Learn x86 Assembly Language Programming Masters Course


  • Basic C knowledge is recommended if not C then at least some experience in another programming language
  • A drive to solve problems. Assembly is nothing like any other language, I will teach you what I know but you have to be willing to pay attention and try again if you mess up

Is It Hard To Learn Assembly Language?

Assembly language is not difficult, but it is smooth. You need to be well aware of the hardware you are running, especially the CPU and its registers.

You need to learn its set of instructions and its superstitions. Which process raised which flag? … Assembly language is not difficult, but it is smooth.

Do I need to learn assembly language?

Whether you learn the language of assembly depends on what your goals are. For most developers, the answer is no.

There are two main reasons to learn assembly language: because you want to use it directly, or because you want to understand computers at a basic level.

Enroll Now Tuts House
Enroll Now Tuts House

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