Learn Raspberry Pi meets Arduino

Learn Arduino

Learn Raspberry Pi meets Arduino Free Paid Course. Learn how Raspberry Pi can communicate with Arduino. Also included RFID using Arduino

What you’ll learn

  • Communicate a message between the Arduino and Raspberry Pi and Vice versa
  • Learn how RFID works and Find out what the future holds for RFID technology
  • Employee entry system using Arduino and RFID sensor
  • Security System and Access Control with Arduino using Keypad 4×4
  • Acquire data from sensors and display them on an LCD screen

Is Arduino easy to learn?

Arduino is an open-source platform used for building electronics projects. … Additionally, the Arduino IDE uses a simplified version of C++, making it easier to learn to program.

Finally, Arduino provides a standard form factor that breaks out the functions of the micro-controller into a more accessible package.

Learn Raspberry Pi meets Arduino


  • You would need to download the Arduino IDE software
  • Arduino UNO, Arduino Mega, Raspberry Pi
  • 1 x RFID-RC522, 1 x LCD 16×2, 1x Keypad 4×4, 1 Kilo Ohm, 1 x Breadboard, RFID Card and Tag
  • Thin wires to solder and jumper wires
Enroll Now Tuts House
Enroll Now Tuts House

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