Why Google Prefer Kotlin Programming Language ?

Hey everyone this is Big Papa from Tuts House and I’ve welcome you to my new post. In this post I will tell you the complete knowledge about kotlin Programming language and its history. Let’s look at the agenda for the session first I will tell you what is Kotlin after that I will take you through the history of Kotlin where you will know from where it actually originated.

Next I will talk about the various features of Kotlin that makes this a unique programming language and once you understand this then we will dive deeper into this session and know what ideas can be used for writing a Kotlin programming language.

Next up I will show you how to install IntelliJ IDE on your system and execute a simple Kotlin program and finally I will wrap up this session by talking about the advantages of using Courtland programming language I hope you found agenda interesting guys now without wasting any further time let’s get straight into the module first let’s understand.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language that runs on the JVM and works across the different platforms the fact that the statically typed means the types are resolved during compilation.

JVM is a specification that provides a run time environment for running applications that are developed in Java and other JVM based languages and the most well-known reference implementation of JVM is open JDK which was originally developed by Sun Micro systems and now is supervised by Oracle and Cortland as another JVM based language that is simple to write and concise in nature Kotlin combines object-oriented and functional programming features.

It is designed to be inter operable with Java and relies on the Java code from the existing Java class libraries not only that Kotlin also provides a more expressive syntax than Java. Kotlin has strong type inference and reduces the code verbosity it also has a wide variety of useful features such as operator overloading string templates extended functions co-routines etc.

Why Kotlin Developed?

Kotlin language which is mainly designed and develop for Android applications as well moving further I’ll tell you how it actually works for Android and why it is the most preferable language.

History OF Kotlin

let’s have a look at the history Kotlin was developed by Czech brains in the year 2010 they initially released it under the name of the project Cortland in July 2011 and they needed a language that was concise eloquent expressive and also inter operable with Java as most of their products was develop in Java including the IntelliJ IDE.

They were looking for an alternative language to reduce the amount of boilerplate code required and to introduce new constructs such as high order functions to make the language more expressive and concise one of the goals of the court in programming language was to be able to compile the code as quickly as Java.

JetBrains is an open sourced the project under the Apache 2 license in February 2012 and Kotlin version 1 was released on February 2016 and this was the official stable released from JetBrains and further catalan version 1.2 was released on November 2017 and this release added a feature to allow the court to be shared between the JVM and Java Script platforms as well and Kotlin is one such JVM compatible programming language that compiles down to Java byte code and has really caught the attention of Android community.

Instead of browsing all the way down according to me by all odds at Scotland Kotlin was actually created to be better than Java in every possible way now that you know water Scotland and how it originated.

Now let’s move further and have a look at the various features that Cortland supports first concise Kotlin is more concise than Chavez and you would need to write approximately 40% of the fewer lines of codes when compared to Java next interchangeability Kotlin programming language is highly inter-operable with Java you will never face any difficulty using Kotlin in a Java project next open source.

Kotlin is the open source programming language and the Kotlin project is open sourced under the Apache 2.0 license it is on github and is open for community contribution next trustworthy you can trust Kotlin as the sister flock by popular and well-known company Jet Brains Jet Brains is known for creating several development tools and the popular java IDE .

Is Kotlin Easy To Learn?

Kotlin is easy to learn programming language if you have come from a Java background then you would find it very easy to learn Kotlin as well and the last feature is less error-prone as I’ve mentioned before Kotlin is a statically typed programming language which makes you able to catch the errors at compile type a statically typed programming language does the type checking at compile time only.

Best IDE and Framework For Kotlin?

Now let’s take a look at the various platforms or ideas on which you can write and develop your Kotlin applications so you can see here that you can either use eclipse or IntelliJ or Android studio to develop applications but throughout this video I will be using IntelliJ IDEA because it is a platform which is mainly designed and developed for Kotlin and it is a feasible ID.

How To Install Intellij IDE In Windows in 2020

So now let’s jump into the demo part and I will tell you how to install the IntelliJ IDE and also I will tell you how to configure Kotlin and run the first program.

lets search on Google IntelliJ ID and then hit the first link and you will navigated to this page and you can see that for the download IntelliJ IDEA there are two options one is the ultimate and the other one is community.

I’m using community option because that is mainly for the JVM and Android development so if you want to go with you know where Belle Enterprise Development then you can go for ultimate version I’m using Windows operating system that is the reason I am downloading this community version and you can see that this is free and open source as well.

So it’s getting downloaded now you just click Next can choose a particular folder and I’ll choose install now you can see that it’s getting installed also if we wish to know more about the IntelliJ IDE and you know you want to get into a complete hands-on on Kotlin then you can check out the video on YouTube channel on Kotlin tutorial where all the Kotlin fundamentals are being explained in the broader gosh you will surely get hands-on but Kotlin programming language.

Advantage OF Kotlin?

Java this is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of Kotlin over Java Android development you are able to solve the same problems using fewer lines of code and that can only translate into a more reliable code with fewer bugs and crashes on the UX side that does not dimension.

All the other benefits that derive from the code conciseness but including code is it’s easier to maintain to read and easier to apply other changes too when needed next it has a very safer code because we have already settled that Kotlin’s code as more concise therefore it goes without saying that a concise compact and clear code as implicitly a safer code.

  •  Kotlin is more concise
  • Kotlin speeds up every-day development tasks
  • Its evolution is well covered
  • It’s (way) More Concise Than Java
  •  Safer Code
  • It’s Easier to Maintain

What you’ll learn From Kotlin ?

  • Learn the core Android app development and Kotlin skills to build real Android apps.
  • Learn how to target current and older versions of Android when writing your apps.
  • Understand how to create Android apps using Kotlin.
  • Be able to apply for Android app development roles.
  • Build professional, fully functional apps using Kotlin
  • Apply for Jr. Android app development jobs
  • Submit apps to the Google Play store

Differences Between Java vs Kotlin

Java is an object oriented programming language. Programs or applications developed in Java will be implemented in a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) through which we can run the same program on multiple platforms and systems / devices.

Kotlin is a new programming language, which handles some of the most advanced features. Kotlin is also a solid typing programming language. Kotlin is a great choice for developing server-side applications, allowing users to write comprehensive and interactive code.

What Kotlin Has That Java Does not

  • Checked Exceptions
  • Code Conciseness
  • Data Classes
  • Extension Functions
  • Higher-Order Functions and Lambdas
  • Implicit Widening Conversions
  • Inline Functions
  • Native Support for Delegation
  • Wildcard Types
  • Checked Exceptions
  • Code Conciseness
  • Data Classes
  • Extension Functions
  • Higher-Order Functions and Lambdas
  • Implicit Widening Conversions
  • Inline Functions
  • Native Support for Delegation

What Java Has That Kotlin Does not

  • Checked exceptions
  • Primitive types that are not classes
  • Static members
  • Non-private fields
  • Wildcard-types
  • Ternary-operator a ? b : c

Learn Kotlin Here | An Official Android Language 

There are lot’s of website and tutorials available on the internet where you can learn Kotlin but I will tell you the best way to learn Kotlin from beaning to advance all the courses are free.

Best Kotlin For Android Development