How To Find Steam Friend Codes & Add IT

How To Find Steam Friend Codes

How To Find Steam Friend Codes. Because Steam allows you to assign your username to almost anything, it can be difficult to find friends when friends share names with others. Instead, send a friend code that is always unique.

How To Find Steam Friend Codes

Each friend code is eight digits and can be found in the Steam client.

Click the “Friends and Chat” button in the bottom right to access the “Add a Friend” page and your friend code in the Windows, Mac and Linux Steam desktop programs.

Click the “Add A Friend” button in the top right of your Friends List. It resembles a person with a plus sign on the right.

This will load the “Add a Friend” tab in your Steam client. Here, you can view your eight-digit Friend Code. Click “Copy” to put those digits on your clipboard so you can paste them in a message or email to your friends.

You can add friends by entering their codes into the “Enter a Friend Code” box under your friend code.

Once you enter their eight digits, you’ll see their profile appear alongside a “Send Invite” button that will allow you to add them to your Friends List.

Like most Steam pages, you can also access your “Add A Friend” Steam page through any web browser. Navigate your browser to, where “USERNAME” is replaced with your username. You might be asked to log in.

How To Find Steam Friend Codes


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