Best app for learning ethical hacking in 2020. In this article I am going to tell you about some amazing apps for your phone that help if you want to learn hacking. These apps are really simple and easy and available at the Play Store at no cost. I hope you enjoy this post. So let’s move on to the real title.

Best Android Apps To Learn Hacking 2020

So check out our list of 5+ Best Android Apps To Learn Hacking for 2020 below and let us know what do you think about our list in the comment section below. best ethical hacking learning app for android

1. Spy boy: Ethical Hacking, Pc Tip & Trick’s Tutorial

This is one of the best android hacking tutorials with active participation technique that enables you to master hacking skills easily. It is best for beginners who want to learn advanced hacking techniques.

The app provides free Pc Tip & Trick’s tutorial and advanced knowledge about
►PC Tip & Tricks
►Ethical hacking
►computer programming
►Android Tricks
►Kali Linux
►Software information
►Operating System
►Scripting tutorial
►Modify computer appearance in (windows)
►Video Tutorial related (Programming, Pc tricks, Android tricks, Mac & iPhone tricks)
►Download Tools from the app(pc software, Operating systems, Mac software)
►Technology Hacks

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2. Learn Ethical Hacking – Ethical Hacking Tutorials

Want to become an ethical hacker to make your career in hacking? Learn cyber security and hacking basics and advanced skills using this amazing app – Learn Ethical Hacking – Ethical Hacking Tutorials

On this Ethical Hacking Learning app, you will be able to start with the basics of cyber security and hacking so that you can build your skills around it. You can build your hacking skills on the go from Hacking Tutorials on this app. best ethical hacking learning app for android

What is available on Learn Hacking App

💻Understand the basics of Hacker
💻Know who is known as a Hacker and what is Hacking?
💻Introduction of security
💻Types of Hackers
💻Know about malware
💻What is Virus – Trojans & Worms

You will be able to uncover a lot about the world of cyber security and potential vulnerabilities that can exist in computer systems and computer networks of today’s world.


3. Learn Ethical Hacking

This FREE app will help you to understand Learn Ethical Hacking Tutorial properly and teach you about how to Learn Ethical Hacking. Here we are covering almost all Techniques, Algorithms, Tricks, Tools, references. The sequential tutorial let you know from basic to advance level. android learning hacking apps

This “Learn Ethical Hacking Tutorial” is helpful for students to learn Ethical Hacking step by step from basic to advance level.


  • FREE of Cost
  • Easy to Learn Programming
  • Learn Ethical Hacking Basic
  • Learn Ethical Hacking Advance
  • Learn Ethical Hacking Offline Tutorial

4. Geek App 2.0

Geek App is a step by step guide that explains different hacking techniques and keeps you updated with latest technology news. This application is equipped with picture and videos for your better understanding.

Also, apart from other applications, there is a “Beginner” level which will help you to kick start your journey without much difficulties. So if you are following the tutorials from the “Beginner” Level, you will not get stuck in the middle.

Some of The Contents Currently Available (Keeps on updating frequently) [ We have described what different tools and attacks are. Not on how to use them. This app is for educational purpose only


5. Ethical Hacking

✴An ethical hacker (also known as a white hat hacker) is the ultimate security professional. Ethical hackers know how to find and exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses in various systems—just like a malicious hacker (or a black hat hacker).

In fact, they both use the same skills; however, an ethical hacker uses those skills in a legitimate, lawful manner to try to find vulnerabilities and fix them before the bad guys can get there and try to break in.

►An ethical hacker’s role is similar to that of a penetration tester, but it involves broader duties. They break into systems legally and ethically. This is the primary difference between ethical hackers and real hackers—the legality.☆

【Topics Covered in this App are Listed Below】

  • ⇢ Ethical Hacking – Overview
  • ⇢ Types of Hacking
  • ⇢ Advantages of Ethical Hacking
  • ⇢ Hacker Types
  • ⇢ Famous Hackers
  • ⇢ Terminologies
  • ⇢ Tools
  • ⇢ Skills